mysterious mail

I don't understand interoffice mail.

I mean, I do. But I really don't.
It's complicated.

At my old job, interoffice mail was entry level employees (read: me) braving wind, rain, sleet, or snow to walk the mail to the correct building. I was sort of like a one-women USPS. Only I made stops for coffee as much as I could. Sure, i'll deliver your mail. I just can't promise it'll get delivered in a timely fashion. Don't like it? Deliver your own mail.

At one of my current jobs, this system cannot be applied. This is because we have multiple offices in every country all over the world instead of multiple buildings on one company campus. So when I place my expense report in that weird interoffice mail envelope, crossing out the previous recipient and writing just someones name at some office in some state that is not New York - how does it get there?

If they deliver it by mail, wouldn't it be just as effective for me to mail it to that person?
Do they have their own truck? Plane? Hoover craft? Vespa?

Maybe they use carrier pigeon. How cost effective of them. I'm sure bird seed is much cheaper than gasoline.

I just. Don't. Know. This is way beyond my typically means of problem solving, and thats sad after a $160,000 education.


  1. Wow.

    and I thought I was buried in student loans.

  2. That depends on if your $160,000 education included any classes on problem solving...I know mine hasn't, and that's my excuse for not being able to do much of anything. I'm an English major, dammit! So while I can recite Wordsworth and Tennyson without a problem, I still can't figure out how to work the back windshield wiper on my car.

  3. Well, maybe they go a lo Harry Potter and they send it via flying paper planes. Who knows.

  4. No matter what jobs I've had, stopping for coffee as often as possible has been a critical part of the job description.

    I'm glad we're on the same page.

    :^) Anna